Albert Pocket Watch Chains

Stand Out From the Crowd with an Albert Pocket Watch Chain

The waistcoat has made a comeback, and with it the Albert pocket watch chain. Made famous in the late 19th century by Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, the Albert chain became every mans must-wear accessory when donning their Sunday best. Now, it can be worn with anything from a denim waistcoat to the smartest three-piece suit. eBay has a broad range of Albert pocket watch chains to suit every style and budget.

What is the difference between an Albert chain and other pocket watch chains?

An Albert chain normally includes a shorter piece of chain hanging from the T-bar called a drop. Traditionally, this drop would have a small coin of the realm attached, or a pendant with a military, club, or affiliation crest. Depending on your taste, however, any small adornment can be added.

Can Albert chains be worn with any type of waistcoat?

In the early to mid-20th century your pocket watch chain waistcoat would have been a matching waistcoat to a three-piece suit, or a contrasting waistcoat to a two-piece suit, but this was only a matter of style. Now, an Albert T-bar chain can be worn with any style of waistcoat, and often with no waistcoat at all, instead being clipped to trouser belts, casual shirt pockets, or bolero jackets.

Are there different pocket watch chain types?

Depending on your taste, you can choose from a wide selection of pocket watch chains. Consider the following:

  • Pocket watch chain types are usually available in gold, silver, or plated versions.
  • You can find different link sizes, length, and thicknesses.
  • Pocket watch chains are available with or without a drop.
  • Drops can be plain, or come with a watch chain pendant.
  • Double Alberts come with two equal lengths of chain, and are available with or without a drop.
  • A lapel pocket watch chain is also available.
How do you wear a pocket watch chain?

Traditionally, the T-bar of an Albert T-bar chain would be passed through a buttonhole of the waistcoat, and the watch, clipped to the chain, inserted into a waistcoat pocket. Using a double Albert, with the T-bar in the buttonhole, the separate chains would be inserted into the waistcoats matching pockets. If you prefer a more casual look, you can clip your Albert chain to your belt to hold your keys, or reference tradition with a lapel pocket watch chain inserted through the lapel, with the watch sitting in your jackets breast pocket.