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Breathe New Life into Your Alcatel Phone with an Alcatel Battery

If you think your Alcatel mobile phone dies prematurely or the original battery has completed its quota of recharge cycles, it may be worth taking a look at replacement Alcatel battery options on eBay.

How can the wrong charger damage your phone’s battery?

Though third-party chargers can be used with a phone of any brand, it’s always recommended that original or OEM chargers are used. If the phone charger isn’t the same amps, voltage, and/or plug type as the original charger that came in the box, you risk damaging your phone’s battery and the phone. There are OEM chargers that you can buy for your Alcatel phone on eBay.

Why buy an OEM battery?

Generic batteries are made by third-party manufacturers and invariably, generic battery makers mimic the design well, but may not necessarily be able to accurately replicate all the things that happen within the original battery. Also, to shave off some production costs and make a profit, generic brands may use inferior materials. Furthermore, since a phone battery is in physical contact with the phone, the phone manufacturer would not entertain warranty claims if the generic battery caused damage.

What are the signs that you need a new Alcatel phone battery?

Your Alcatel phone supposedly has battery problems if:

  • The battery level indicator always looks low.
  • The battery drains a lot quicker than it should, even during normal usage.
  • The battery %age keeps dropping rapidly, even when the phone is idle.
  • The battery is physically deformed.
What is a recharge cycle?

A charge or recharge cycle refers to a rechargeable battery’s charging and discharging process. Typically, the term is used to denote the expected life of the battery, since the number of times the phone has gone through this cycle impacts the phone’s battery life compared to the mere passage of time. Discharging the battery completely prior to recharging is known as “deep discharge”; partial discharge before a recharge is referred to as “shallow discharge”. Generally, a rechargeable battery’s cycles indicate the number of times it could go through the complete discharge and recharge process until it totally fails or starts losing capacity.

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