Paintings and art by Alec Monopoly

Alec Monopoly is a multimedia painter and graffiti artist with more than 3,000 paintings and multimedia art objects for sale on eBay. The artist works with the assent of the Parker Brothers company, the owners of Monopoly board game brand, incorporating other characters from pop culture and his own innovations. He is well-known in the world of art galleries and street art as he has been working in a prolific fashion with a high degree of success for more than a decade now.

What are some of the artistic media used in the art of Alec Monopoly for sale eBay?

Alec Monopoly's work has been described as strongly design-oriented, and Alec Monopoly paintings can be found in one of any number of mediums, from spray paint aerosol acrylics to silk-screened oil on canvas. Originals, prints, and proofs are all available from the Alec Monopoly store. Some prints are hand-screened by the artist himself with traditional techniques. There are also professionally printed ink prints and proofs of high quality. Buyers should take some time to browse what is available so that they can develop an understanding of the depth and breadth of Alec Monopoly's work.

What are some of the subjects of Alec Monopoly art for sale?

Alec Monopoly produces playful, vibrantly painted originals primarily featuring the famous Uncle Pennybags character from the Monopoly game, along with other characters such as Richie Rich, a burned skeleton, and a number of attractive women. The characters are rendered in bright primary colors with sharp edges and delineations between the foreground and the background. The backdrops of the painting, though often containing cartoonish objects that interact directly with the characters, are generally abstract splashes and forms meant to represent types of locations and emotional states. Alec Monopoly's style tends to create a body of work that is instantly recognizable and iconic.

Alec Monopoly original, affordable works of art

Prints by Alec Monopoly are available and extremely affordable whereas collectible originals cost into the five figures. Some of his most collectible work is registered on the blockchain, which means that he has cemented the digital identity of the piece for all time. A variety of works are signed personally by the artist. This establishes the provenance of these particular works to art patrons and gallery owners, solidifying the utility of his body of work as a long-term investment.