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Alexander McQueen Women's Scarves

If you're looking for the perfect accessory then you've found it. Alexander McQueen women's scarves are the forefront of premium quality.

The Alexander McQueen label was founded in Britain in 1992. Since then the designer brand has become extremely well known and successful, making a McQueen scarf a must-have accessory.

Which design is for you?

Alexander McQueen women's scarves come in a range of different patterns and colours. Each design is made with thorough attention to detail to ensure a clear and unique print.

One of Alexander McQueen's characteristic designs is the skull pattern that is used in a variety of ways.

A lot of McQueen scarves have a repeated print of the skull on a strong background colour such as black or pink, with changes in size of the skull to make up the pattern. These are proven to be some of the most popular scarves and their simple design makes them suitable to wear with any outfit.

Sometimes these skulls are arranged in such a way that they do not look like skulls at all from a distance. This makes them interesting as they tempt you look closer, adding interest to your outfit and a talking point for your friends.

The skulls can also be arranged in a more subtle manner. Like wisps against a patterned background which makes them pretty and one of a kind. These are more suitable to dress your outfit up for a night out.

What else?

Scarves other than the classic McQueen skull print aren't as commonly seen. These range from a repetitive tree design, which is delicately drawn on the silk to symmetrical patterns stretched over the scarf.

Alexander McQueen also uses floral prints in his work such as roses and delves into the use of animal print.

Each design is faultlessly and skilfully formed onto each scarf, with the Alexander McQueen name printed proudly alongside.

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