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Alien and Aliens Action Figures

Ellen Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver, has been bravely battling extraterrestrials for a long time now. From her first outing in 1979 in 'Alien', directed by Ridley Scott, she has since been involved in multiple other exciting adventures.

The sequels feature a host of A-list actors and multiple directors, the latter being, namely, James Cameron, David Fincher and Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Alien and Aliens action figures can provide endless entertainment, whether as toys, display items, collectors' pieces or gifts for film fans.

Ripley figures, Alien figures, Xenomorph eggs...

Multiple Alien(s) action figures can be found, including Ellen Ripley figures and various creepy Xenomorph figures. Xenomorph eggs can be found from time to time too, but be careful if buying one of these, as a Facehugger may burst out at any moment without warning! Many of the Alien(s) action figures make great Alien(s) collectables for avid fans of the films.

Flexible articulations, to strike any pose

Action figures are available, based on the films, with many points of articulation or movement. These various joints allow the posture and even the mouths of certain Aliens to be moved. The flexibility of the figures allows you to vary the figure's posture as many times as you like, which will look great on display. With multiple action figures and some clever positioning, even complete scenes from the films can be accurately reconstructed in miniature form.

Action figures with awesome accessories

Some of the available Alien(s) action figures come with inbuilt or included accessories, which can be seen in the films. They complete the look of any Alien or Xenomorph, Ripley or other iconic characters. Accessories can include everything from flashlights to changeable outfits and replaceable body parts.

Action figures by top brands

Alien(s) action figures are provided by some of the best and most trusted brands including NECA and Square-Enix. There are multiple series of figures to select from and, whether buying a weyland-yutani commando, a Ripley or a Xenomorph, quality is assured when buying from any one of the top manufacturers available.

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