Light Up Your Crowd with Allen Heath Xone

While software-based mixers have grown in popularity, traditional DJ mixers remain relevant. They form the building blocks for most software used on controllers. Developers have made numerous upgrades on DJ mixers with advanced mixers integrating DJ programs. Allen & Heath produces various analogue and digital DJ mixers. eBay stocks an extensive catalogue of these mixers for you to choose from.

What should you consider when buying Allen Heath Xone?

The vast collection of mixers on eBay can make choosing overwhelming. These factors should guide you:

  • Application: If you are looking for a mixer for recording only, then it should support external processors and possess mic preamp quality. For live sound, a mixer compatible with the existing sound system is important.
  • Signal routing: If you are integrating special-purpose mixes like headphones, monitors, and recording gear, look for a mixer with routing flexibility and signal paths.
  • EQ capabilities: Regular studio recording demands carefully tweaked sounds to sweeten the mix. Thus, the mixer should allow the addition of multiband parametric equalisers to obtain the desired sound quality.
  • Sound processors: If you rely on tone tweaking gear like effects pedals and external mic preamps, a mixer with onboard sound processing and effects comes in handy.
Which types of Xone are suitable for a live performance?

Powered mixers are the real deal; they can handle acoustic-electric guitars, solo acoustic-singer guitarists using one or two mics, and electric instruments, among other equipment used during live performances. They also eliminate the need to set up different power amplifiers and offer most features found on unpowered mixers, including effects processing and routing options. Remember to calculate the total input and output and the required power to drive the stage monitors.

You also need to factor in the mixer’s ease of use in case of a solo band. Integrated mixers are suitable for such scenarios, which contain all elements, including power amplifiers, speakers, and mixers.

Should you use digital or analogue mixers?

If you are looking for versatility, digital mixers are perfect. They allow instant changes, are flexible and have extensive signal dynamics. A simple click of a button triggers preprogrammed routing and effects that analogue users cannot easily achieve. Analogue mixers are low-priced, and their hardware and signal makes routing easy to grasp.

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