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Altaya Diecast Aircraft and Spacecraft

Available in a range of classic and unique models, Altaya diecast aircraft and spacecraft capture the majestic and iconic designs of a variety of historic and contemporary aircraft.

Altaya models

Altaya are famed for producing extremely rare historic military and commercial aircraft and spacecraft. Altaya models feature classic historic aircraft designs such as the RAF and USAAF Spitfires, B-17s and Avro Lancasters, as well as rare models such as the aircraft of the Vietnamese, Italian and Vichy French Air Forces.

Altaya have earned a reputation as the go to brand for niche, collector and specialist models. Altaya models are most frequently made in 1:72 scale, although larger aircraft may also be available in 1:250 and 1:1200.

WWII designs

Altaya models feature all of the WWII classics such as the Grumman Tomcats, Supermarine Spitfires, P-15 Mustangs, Heinkel HEI bombers and ME109s. As well as their classic range, Altaya produce rare or collectors' items. They are all made of durable plastic and come with their own dedicated display stand .

Post WWII designs

Altaya produce a range of post WWII aircraft such as the Boeing B2 bomber, Eurofighter and Hawker Harrier Jump Jet. In addition to their popular designs Altaya offer a fantastic range of rare military aircraft such as the fighters of the Vietnamese and DPRK air forces. These will make great additions to your collection if you are interested in military aircraft, the attention to detail is hailed by many collectors and enthusiasts.


Altaya produce a range of helicopter models, featuring iconic designs such as the Boeing Longbow Apache and other Boeing diecast models as well as the Sikorsky Black Hawk.

Commercial aircraft

Altaya produce a range of historic and contemporary commercial aircraft such as the C54 Skytrain, Boeing 747 and Airbus A380. The larger real life size of commercial aircraft means that models tend to be made to a larger scale such as 1:200.


Altaya produce a variety of iconic spacecraft models such as the American Apollo and the Russian Sputnik shuttles, rockets and landers.

Why choose diecast?

Diecast models are made using a specific moulding technique. Diecasting modelling involves setting molten plastic or metal within a detail mould. Diecast models are incredibly accurate and the technique allows for excellent adherence to scales and dimensions. Diecast enables a very smooth finish. Often seen as very therapeutic, putting these models together is a great way to pass a Sunday afternoon.

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