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Aluminium Camera Cases, Bags and Covers

Aluminium Camera Cases, Bags and Covers

Aluminium camera cases, bags and covers are popular with professional photographers that travel regularly. They provide extensive protection of cameras, lenses and associated equipment when you are on the go. Inside certain aluminium camera cases are thick foam recesses or pockets to house your camera and equipment whilst keeping it protected.


Aluminium camera cases can be stacked and packed with other cases meaning they are easy to store and carry if you have other luggage. Certain cases have an O-ring seal to ensure the case is airtight and your camera is fully protected from dirt and potential scratches. They can also be watertight in depths of up to 5ft, which is ideal if you are shooting at the beach or out at sea. Some cases have also been designed to float in water.

Aluminium has a high strength-to-weight ratio making it very strong and resistant to impact meaning your camera and equipment has a high level of protection. Even though aluminium cases are very strong they are also lightweight, so they are easy to transport. Aluminium will not tear or crack under stress and it also does not become fragile or brittle in cold weather as the tensile strength increases. Unlike some materials, aluminium cases do not react to extreme temperatures and do not distort or lose shape.

With the highest conductivity-to-weight ratio of any metal, the aluminium camera case is an efficient reflector with excellent heat dissipation due to its high thermal conductivity properties. They are safe to use, non-toxic, odourless, non-magnetic, non-flammable and are fully recyclable. Aluminium is also resistant to corrosion including salt water and will protect your camera and equipment from harmful UV rays.

Most aluminium camera cases feature a combination lock so you can ensure you camera remains safe. Cases are available in a range of different sizes. Larger cases allow you to carry additional equipment, such as tripods , chargers and memory cards safely and securely

Different styles

Most aluminium camera cases come with a carry handle on the top of the case allowing for easy transportation. Larger cases may feature further carry handles on the side. Certain cases come with a detachable shoulder strap allowing you to comfortably carry your camera when you are on the move.

A frame with a pull-up handle and wheels can be used to transport the case over longer distances. Most cases have reinforced metal corners for added protection during transportation.

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