Aluminium Industrial Rolling Ladders & Scaffolds

The Right Pieces for a Reliable Aluminium Scaffold Tower

Lightweight metal with a dense structure is key to building a scaffold tower you can rely on. There are pieces and lengths to match for your project conditions right now. A look on eBay uncovers a variety of brands and aluminium scaffold towers to get shipped out today.

Are scaffold towers secured in one place?

An aluminium scaffold tower uses angled poles, channel locks, and building mounts to secure its elevation in place. You’ll then be able to climb up and down the structure with ease and stability. The project you have will differ from site to site, and using a retractable tower may be necessary for you to find the right fit. These towers work around the project you have and not just in or on them. The spacing, the number of platforms, and the anchors you use can all be adjusted for the worksite you have at any given moment.

What accessories are there for scaffold towers?
  • Extension ladders: Extension ladders use heights that are adjustable to the project you’re working. You can then lock that height in place without the ladder compromising its strength or portability. Having an extension ladder with you as you work off a scaffold tower means that you can accommodate project needs as they arrive but without moving your tower.
  • Platform stands: Stands are used for stabilising a tower and for giving your workers somewhere to work from. Your options are metal, wood, and plastic platforms that are installed to meet the needs of your workload.
  • Scaffold poles: These poles lock together. They provide the basic stability of a tower and change in length and width. The larger your tower is expected to be, the larger the poles to build it are.
  • Outriggers: The stability of your tower is further enhanced with stability poles. These don’t run vertical like common scaffold poles. Outriggers angle outward into the ground where they are anchored. The extra balance provides stability for side-to-side motions from workers or the wind.
  • Hooked roof ladders: Pitched roof ladders use a special hook to grab onto the peak of a roof. This grip allows you to climb the ladder while it’s angled at the same degree as the roof. Using the ladder instead of bare roof shingles to stand on is a safer option for entry and egress.
Are scaffold towers weather resistant?

You can keep your tower up for days, months, and years at a time, for it will resist the weather and keep its own structure once in place.