Advice on Purchasing an AMD Gaming Laptop

Designed for high-end multimedia performance, AMD gaming laptops have either both graphics cards and a processor made by AMD or, in some cases, just the graphics card. Based in California, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has built a reputation for computer components and cards that offer high levels of performance for modern gaming. Although an AMD gaming laptop may be optimised for gaming, few serious gamers would consider any laptop to be quite as good as a top-end tower PC.

What are the key characteristics of an AMD gaming laptop?

Other than a fast graphics card and processor, AMD gaming laptops feature extensive cooling systems to ensure optimal performance, even when the computer's resources are all in use. You can expect a great deal of DDR memory as standard, usually on a solid state hard drive. Other distinctive features include:

  • Backlit keyboard using LED technology.
  • A large amount of RAM to keep games running smoothly.
  • Graphical double data rate (GDDR) memory built into the graphics card for exceptionally clear visuals.
  • Top-quality audio cards.
What are the standard features of an AMD gaming laptop?

As well as all of the high specification components that are associated with fast-moving games, a typical AMD laptop has plenty of standard features. These include an Ethernet port, a number of USB3 ports, a twin headphone and microphone jack and an HDMI output so you can connect your laptop to a monitor system. Most will also offer a scratchpad with a couple of buttons that you can use rather than plugging a mouse in.

Which AMD graphics card should you look out for?

There are a number of different graphics cards that AMD has built for gaming laptops over the years. Among them, the Radeon RX 580 graphics card has set the standard in many gamers' eyes, especially one that is fitted with at least 8GB of GDDR5 dedicated memory. AMD's graphics cards frequently feature innovative technologies, such as Mantle, a software suite for game developers, or Eyefinity, which blends existing display combinations seamlessly.

Why buy a refurbished AMD gaming laptop on eBay?

There are plenty of new and refurbished AMD gaming laptops available on eBay. Although a brand new one is often preferable for dedicated gamers, you can purchase a gaming laptop with great specifications for your budget if you opt for a refurbished one.

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