Add Some Folksy Charm With American Number Plates

There's a lot of ways to decorate a room but few that stand out as much as a vintage American number plate. Colourful, durable, and intriguing, these affordable small sheets of metal make great accent pieces long after they've served their purpose on a car. With all sorts of styles, states, and ages represented, you'll be able to find a number plate you enjoy if you browse through eBay.

Which states do American number plates come from?

American number plates can come from any of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia as well as several US territories and Native American reservations. Each state has a unique design for its plate, with these designs changing over time. As a result, you'll have hundreds, if not thousands, of different preowned options when you shop for rare US licence plates on eBay.

Which type of plate is considered a rare American number plate?

The rarity of a US licence plate comes from a number of factors, mostly relating to the number of surviving examples of a type of plate. At present, most collectors hold that the 1921 Alaska licence plate is the rarest plate there is given there are so few copies of it known to exist. That being said, the actual value of a licence plate will be determined by the collector's own value in the artistic or aesthetic appreciation they have for the item.

The kinds of designs featured on American licence plates

Vintage American licence plates' main appeal is in how colourful and attractive their designs are, especially the antique American number plates. Each state has a unique design for their plate that changes every few years. There have been a number of iconic or memorable designs used by various states over the years, some of them being:

  • Statue of Liberty: New York licence plates typically feature an image of Lady Liberty on them. Some New Jersey plates may also use the statue in their designs.
  • Freemasonry: Members of the Freemason Order may have custom plates representing their allegiance. In these instances, the group's insignia is often featured prominently in the centre or to one side of the plate.
  • State flowers: State flowers are a common pick for many states. States that are closely associated with specific types of plants, such as Florida and oranges or Georgia and peaches, tend to be the ones that feature this kind of imagery the most.
  • Las Vegas: Nevada plates will more often than not feature some reference to Las Vegas on them given the city's significance in the world of gambling.