Animal Taxidermy Collectables

Quirky and charming animal taxidermy collectables

Add some real-life curios into your home with animal taxidermy collectable. Youll find full taxidermy animals, taxidermy heads and smaller collectable pieces perfect for your collection or crafts projects, like animal skulls and bones. Youre sure to find quirky conversation-starting animal collectables right here on eBay. 

Full taxidermy animals

A full taxidermy animal is the perfect statement piece for your home. A taxidermy yellow duckling with black bead eyes is a cute addition to your collectors cabinet or mantelpiece. 

Or, for a touch of humour, choose a kitten propped up with a guitar in its hands. This unusual item is sure to draw attention in your home. 

For something with added functionality, get yourself a paperweight made with a mole. Looking up with their hands pointing out and teeth on show, theyre conversation pieces for sure. 

A cuter taxidermy chipmunk, stood on bark with a fake apple, in hand is perfect for nature lovers. Or kit your home out for Halloween with a real tarantula in a spread position. This creepy curio will send a shiver down anyones spine. 

Other animal taxidermy collectables

Fox tails are soft and luxurious pieces of taxidermy. Get yourself a fox tail keychain for something to carry around with you. Add a retro glass bottle with a twist to your collectors cabinet. Stopped with a white cork and filled with fox bones, this is a subtle piece. 

A large swordfish bill with intricate carvings works well mounted on a wall. The detailed carvings feature swordfish, whales and other sea creatures in front of a backdrop of shells and corals. 

Finish off your crafts project with a roe deer antler. These can be used to decorate your animal taxidermy cabinet, or used to create other pieces. 

Frame your favourite piece in a large vintage glass dome with a wooden base. This case preserves taxidermy animals through the ages whilst adding a truly vintage style.