Antique Art Paintings Pre-1900

Antique pre-1900 art paintings to brighten up your rooms

Spruce up your walls with an antique pre-1900 art painting. Whether youre looking for soft, muted colours for a sophisticated look or something bold and bright to jazz up a room, youre sure to find what youre looking for in this wide variety of art paintings here on eBay. You might even come across a possible restoration project to get an old antique painting looking its best again. 

Sights and subjects

If you love the great outdoors, have a look for antique pre-1900 landscape paintings to hang on your walls. From countryside scenes featuring rolling hills and picturesque villages to stormy seaside landscapes, theres something for everyone in this collection of art paintings. 

For those who love portraits or paintings with people in, look out for antique paintings with figures in a variety of styles. Go for a formal portrait for a really detailed piece of art, or choose a scene with lots of people so theres plenty to look at. 

Youll also find floral pre-1900 paintings, perfect for a fresh and colourful look. Go for flowers in your favourite colour or to match your home decor, and choose from cheerful still-life floral paintings and delicate watercolour studies of specific flowers. 

If you live on the coast, consider picking up an antique maritime painting to bring a little bit of the sea inside. Pick out a dark and atmospheric seascape or a bright and breezy scene and bring some maritime charm to your home. 

Artistic styles

Keen collectors are sure to be able to find a number of different styles and influences in these paintings. Search for antique Impressionist paintings if you enjoy vibrant colours and free brush strokes. You could also look out for oil paintings in the style of the old Italian or Dutch masters for something grand and historical for your home.