Antique Bookcases

Antique Bookcases

Display your books in a stunning way with antique bookcases. Whichever era, size or style youre looking for, theres bound to be an antique bookcase suited to the interior styling of your home.

When buying something antique, youll want to check on the condition of the furniture that youre buying. Some second-hand bookcases will come in mint condition allowing you to begin using the unit without having to repair or clean anything. Some models may be a bit more worn due to their age, with these bookcases being perfect for using to add a touch of shabby-chic to your home.

Edwardian Bookcases

If you love a deep and dark wood then Edwardian bookcases are perfect. Most antique Edwardian bookcases are crafted from oak, mahogany or walnut and have a really authentic look that is perfect for your library, no matter how small or large your collection is.

Victorian Bookcases

The styles of furniture in Victorian Britain were quite diverse and therefore there is not just one type of Victorian bookcase. A lot of furniture took its inspiration from architecture and many earlier pieces from the time featured elaborate decorations on the surface.

Towards the later Victorian period, furniture designs were simplified with the changes in manufacturing that occurred with the increase in machines. Dark woods were often favoured to create a decadent image in the home.

Art Deco Bookcases

If youre looking for 1920s and 30s Art Deco bookcases, youll find pieces made of the finest woods from ebony and walnut to maple and ash. The popular style at the time was to have highly polished or lacquered wood to give a hard, shiny appearance.

Although Art Deco furniture was popular from the 1920s, it didnt become accessible to a lot of people until 1930s so you may find it easier to find pieces from later in the art deco period.