Antique Boxes & Chests

Antique Boxes and Chests

Every home needs ample storage to keep belongings safe and clutter to a minimum. While there are many modern and practical solutions available, antique boxes and chests are a stylish alternative.

Rather than hiding storage containers out of sight in cupboards and wardrobes, antique boxes and chests can be proudly displayed within your home and matched to your décor.

Whatever your taste, youll find an antique box or antique chest to suit your needs. Choose from a range of originals and reproductions from popular periods including Victorian, Regency and Louis XVI. Several new and used items are available in art deco, rustic and gothic styles.

Whether you intend to use your antique boxes and chests to store belongings or would like to keep these collectibles for display purposes only, youll find hundreds of options available in a range of materials and sizes.

Antique Boxes

Antique boxes vary from delicate glass or porcelain jewellery and vanity boxes to ornate writing and tool boxes. These collectibles were typically used for organising smaller items and are recognisable by their superior craftsmanship.

Youll find a range of antique boxes with hand-painted details, engravings or patterns delicately applied using mother-of-pearl, marble or metals like copper and brass.

Antique Chests

Antique chests are robust pieces of furniture traditionally made from strong woods such as mahogany, oak and cedar. Depending on the style and era you choose you can find an antique chest covered in leather or canvas and lined with an array of luxurious fabrics.

These popular pieces of home furniture are usually square or rectangular in shape and can feature just one compartment or several drawers. Its possible to find antique chests with locks and other features such as mirrors and domed tops.

Antique chests tend to be placed at the foot of the bed, or against the wall in bedrooms and living spaces and can be used to store a wide range of items including toys, linens and luggage.