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Antique Bracket Clocks

Antique Bracket Clocks

Antique bracket clocks were originally designed and made by master craftsmen to be hung on a wall-mounted bracket, to allow the weights to descend. Later, they became spring driven which enabled the clocks to be moved more easily from room to room, although the name ‘bracket continued to be associated with this type of clock. The earliest clocks were made in Holland but they reached the peak of their development in England. Today, you will more likely display them on a table or sideboard as decorative pieces.

Features and Designs

Antique bracket clocks reflect the style of the period in which they were made. They are very ornate with intricate decorative features. As spring-driven pendulum clocks, they are usually housed in a rectangular case with a carrying handle on the top. Designed to strike on the hour, some bracket clocks will have silencers to shut the striking mechanism off at night.

Antique bracket clocks are beautifully hand-crafted timepieces, full of charm and elegance. Made out of wood, the details can include brass accents, cast or silvered dials, spandrels encircling the main dial, sculptured brass feet and floral decorations amongst others. However, they can also appear with more plain and simple styles.

Things to Look Out For

Antique bracket clocks are works of art, creating a visual impact depending on where they are placed in a home. They make an impact because their beauty is in the intricacy of the clock and will likely draw the eye to wherever they are placed, especially on a mantelpiece, away from other items. Always check that the case isnt damaged and that you are aware of any replacements or repairs that have been made. The same goes for the dial, which should be clean and clear. Finally, ensure your antique bracket clock is well maintained and has all the parts required so it moves smoothly.

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