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Listen to Melodies From Your Collectible Pre-1930 Cuckoo or Black Forest Clock

The Black Forest region of southern Germany continues to be known for creating handmade Black Forest cuckoo clocks. Ever since farmers in that area started making and selling them to help support their families, people made almost all antique cuckoo clocks by hand. Many antique and vintage cuckoo clocks play music while other old cuckoo clocks make only a cuckoo sound.

Manufacturers of Black Forest cuckoo clocks before 1930

Many different people and companies made these vintage and antique cuckoo clocks, including:

  • Hubert Herr - Working in Triberg, Germany, this antique cuckoo clock manufacturer made all the inside and outside of the clocks in his shop. Many of his clocks have elaborate wood cases.
  • Rombach and Haas -- This company has been making cuckoo clocks since 1894. Many of their vintage cuckoo clocks are hand-painted.
  • Anton Schneider - Since 1848, this company has been making cuckoo clocks. Clocks from this maker usually have signs on the back showing that workers made them in Schonach, Germany. Many show natural elements in elaborately carved wooden scenes
  • Englstler Schwarzwalduhren - If you are looking for a vintage cuckoo clock with a one-day movement, then consider options from this company when shopping on eBay.
Differences between one-day and eight-day clocks

Antique and vintage German cuckoo clocks come in one-day and eight-day versions. Generally, one-day clocks will run for 30 hours without needing to be rewound while eight-day clocks will run for a week. One-day clocks have two weights. Eight-day clocks have three. Most one-day clocks are cheaper than the eight-day version because of the extra weight. Most eight-day clocks are more intricately carved. Most eight-day antique German clocks play songs only on the hour while one-day clocks play a tune on the hour and half hour.

What are some antique cuckoo clock styles?

There are several styles of antique cuckoo clock styles including:

  • Traditional style- These wooden carved clocks often feature nature scenes from the Black Forest.
  • Chalet - These vintage or antique cuckoo clocks often show people dancing. At least three different styles may be available, including a Black Forest house, Swiss Alpine chalets, and German beer houses.
  • Railroad - These clocks usually have ornate carvings designed to make the vintage cuckoo clock look like a railroad guardhouse.
  • Shield - These clocks were often produced before 1750, and they have a shield shape.
Price factors to consider

When shopping for reasonably priced antique German cuckoo clocks and vintage cuckoo clocks on eBay, several different factors can influence the price, including:

  • Music - Cuckoo clocks with music usually cost more than those without.
  • Notes- When shopping for antique cuckoo clocks, collectors often seek out those that play more notes.
  • Animation - Clocks that have moving dancers or beer steins being lifted usually bring higher prices.
  • Size - Clocks that are very small or very big usually bring a higher price.
  • Hand decorations - The amount of hand painting and carvings usually affects the clock's price.
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