Look Dapper Every Day with a Pair of Antique Cufflinks

Whether theyre for a special man in your life, or to lend a distinguished air to a suit for a formal occasion, a pair of antique cufflinks are always a great choice. Bringing a touch of yesterday into your every day is easy and affordable with eBay. With so many styles available at such great prices, you are bound to find the perfect pair.

What sort of antique cufflinks are there?

Antique cufflinks are available in many different designs and colours, and hail from various periods in history. Some of the most sought after cufflinks are from the Victorian era when they were very fashionable and many designs were made. Antique cufflinks are also made from a range of materials, including gold and silver, and some have precious stones or other details embedded in them. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that you have a one-of-a-kind pair.

  • Coin: These are usually gold or silver, and some are authentic old coins.
  • Mother of pearl: This was a fashionable choice for cufflinks, as well as abalone.
  • Enamelled: Depending on the age, these can be made in a variety of artistic styles like Art Deco.
  • Engraved: Made in a huge range of styles and designs.
How should you choose a pair of antique cufflinks?

If they are a gift, consider the person for whom they are intended. Choose a material you know that they like or wear a lot of, like gold or silver, and do the same for colour and any detail. If possible, think of a particular suit that they wear, that the cufflinks would pair nicely with. For example, if they have a tie in a certain colour that they wear a lot, try to find a pair of cufflinks that match that colour. If the cufflinks are for yourself, you have a few more options open to you and can choose based on personal preference or to match a specific item of clothing.

How should you wear a pair of antique cufflinks?

If the cufflinks are for everyday wear, then you can select a pair that reflect your taste and personality. As most work shirts come in neutral colours, you can play around with the colour and texture of your cufflinks. If they are for a more formal event like a wedding, they should be simple and plain, with just a small amount of detail. If there is colour, it should match the colour of your suit.