Antique Dressers

Antique Dressers

An antique dresser is often referred to as a statement piece of furniture, helping to define the tone and style of a room whilst being a great conversation starter. All you need to do is choose your period to match your design aspirations.

20th Century Antique Dressers

Typically made from pine, oak or mahogany, 20th Century dressers come in all shapes and sizes and many have ample storage space in the form of multiple shelves or drawers. You may prefer natural wood or something that has been upcycled already and painted to suit a shabby chic style.

Edwardian Antique Dressers

Edwardian furniture was designed to offer a welcome departure from the dark, heavy style of the Victorians. Reproduction furniture became fashionable and the styles varied, including what we now recognise as baroque, rococo and empire. Edwardian antique dressers may include attractive carved details and some utilise the grain of the wood for added decoration. Again, if you prefer your furniture upcycled, there are Edwardian pieces that are distressed or painted.

Victorian Antique Dressers

Victorian furniture is famed for being large, heavy and solidly constructed, drawing on Gothic, Rococo and Romantic influences. A Victorian antique dresser could certainly become the focus of attention in any modern room. Constructed using pine or oak, most Victorian dressers would originally have had a dark finish and a high shine, creating an imposing impression. The design remains the same but the finish varies in todays Victorian antique market, including lighter finishes and some attractive paintwork.

Pre-Victorian Antique Dressers

Drawing on Rustic, Gothic, Regency and Italian influences, pre-Victorian furniture is typified by elaborate design and expert craftsmanship. Intricate carvings, interesting shapes, innovative storage and beautiful materials including rosewood, elm and maple can all be found in these early antique dressers. The range is huge but there is something to suit almost every household and every design.