Create a Vintage Style with Antique Enamel Signs

Old and vintage goods can impart a unique aesthetic to homes, businesses, or in any other kind of establishment you choose to hang them. Equal parts intriguing and homey, these kinds of items are a fun way to express the nature of the place they're kept in a way others can identify and appreciate. Antique enamel signs, both in pristine or artfully distressed forms, is one vintage item available on eBay that can add a bit of style or whimsy to the home.

How large are antique enamel signs on eBay?

There is no uniform size for antique enamel signs. This is because they were made for specific businesses or buildings to their own specifications, making the idea of a standard size to these signs extremely unlikely. As such, you can find signs in all different shapes and sizes to complement your style, ranging from around a foot or so to signs the size of a wall, in shapes like squares, rectangles, triangles, and much more.

What kind of companies used antique enamel signs to advertise?

There are a number of companies both defunct and still active that have used enamel signs to advertise over the years. Some of them include:

  • Tobacco - Tobacco companies are some of the first organizations that people think of when they think of antique signage. Due to stricter laws in most countries concerning the advertising of tobacco products, these signs can be seen as especially rare or valuable to collectors.
  • Restaurants - While enamel signs often find themselves placed into theme restaurants after their heyday, many restaurants of time also used them for advertising when they first opened. This applies to both large chains as well as small independent eateries.
  • Drug stores - Many drug stores had signs made to advertise various products like milk of magnesia or cold medicine. This is why it's not uncommon to find enamel signs themed around a seemingly random product you could find at a store rather than a store itself.
  • Car products - Another common subject of enamel signs, car products like motor oil, and tyres can often be seen represented on these signs. Sometimes specific brands like Michelin will even have their own signs.
  • Petrol stations - Before the age of neon, petrol stations typically employed enamel signs to help attract customers.
Can you hang enamel signs up outside?

For the most part, you should have no issues with hanging your antique enamel signs up outside. Many of the signs were originally designed for outdoor display. Check on eBay for all antique enamel