What to Ask Before You Purchase Antique Light Switches

Whether you want to purchase inexpensive vintage light switches to complete a restoration project or are looking for old switch plates to complement your existing decor, you will want to shop eBay's extensive selection of antique light switches. Before you go shopping, there are some reasonably priced options that you will want to know about.

Which types of old switches are listed on eBay?

eBay's old style light switches selection includes products from well-known brands like Britmac, Crabtree, Walsall, Wandsworth, Frost, Tucker, Lundberg, and Synlock. Choose from an assortment of Fontini light switches in styles that include a retro toggle switch and a two-way vintage light switch from the 1940s.

You will find plenty of industrial-style plug sockets, including cast iron light switches from Wandsworth, a vintage Art Deco industrial light switch from Frost, a rare Victorian Saturn light switch by Crabtree, a 1950's Walsall three-gang industrial toggle switch, and a Lundberg cast metal retrofit light switch.

You might also come across a Bakelite two-way Art Deco switch from the 1950s, a 1940s porcelain one-way switch by Crabtree, a Britmac ceramic toggle switch from the 1950s, a 1940s Bakelite double Dolly switch, a French chrome toggle switch from the 1960s, or a 1940s brass and porcelain antique dimmer switch.

Design options for antique switches that are sold on eBay

The vintage light switches collection that is listed on eBay offers a variety of design and style choices from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. Before you make your selection, consider the following:

  • Material: Bakelite, iron, brass, ceramic, cast iron, pottery, wood, chrome, copper, bronze, and glass are the most common materials.
  • Style: Common styles include Art Deco, retro, Victorian, Edwardian, French, industrial, Restoration, Art Nouveau, and Baroque.
  • Colour: White, black, brown, silver, and red are the most common colours.
  • Types: Switch types include dimmer, toggle, dolly, and Saturn switches.
  • Lighting: Options include one-way and two-way switches, and comprise one, two, or three-gang fixtures.
Are all old switches and sockets authentic antiques?

Some of the items in the antique light switch collection are new reproductions of actual antique light switches. Many of the light switches are original unrestored antiques, and will usually evidence the signs of wear that you might expect from normal use over several decades. A restored light switch would still be considered an original antique, even though the restoration process may have removed some of the signs of wear.