Antique Keys and Locks

Unlock a piece of history and find the perfect fit for your collection with an intriguing and varied selection of antique keys and locks.

A popular collectors' item, antique keys and locks can have historical and cultural significance, be an example of the craftsmanship and engineering of the day and hold interest for their distinct shape and design. People also like old keys to wear as jewellery or to display in a home or other type of building and they are a particularly popular feature of the Steampunk trend. Keys also hold symbolic value in some cultures, representing the unlocking of secrets or hearts, for freedom and are popular gifts, particularly for landmark birthdays.

You can find your ideal key and lock by choosing from your preferred era or design style. Keys and locks can be found from the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian periods, as well as different styles such as Art Deco, Gothic and Arts and Crafts styles.

Gothic keys and locks are typical of the Mediaeval-style and are elaborate in design, often with decorative patterns, and inspired by Gothic architecture. A Gothic lock stands out for its quadrilateral shape and decorative foliage around the keyholes.

A collector looking for a key from the Georgian era will come across large iron keys with rounded or flat bows. Sometimes more ornate keys from the period can be found with decorative bows and shafts, which will add interest to any collection.

In the Victorian era, there was a demand for more secure locks and there was a boom in the manufacture of key and locks. Look out for keys made from durable iron or cast iron, or brass and locks engraved with the place of manufacture (often towns and cities such as Willenhall and Wolverhampton) and locks designed by the inventors of the day such as Jeremiah Chubb.

With diverse and interesting styles of antique keys and locks available, a collector is sure to find the one they are looking for.