Antique Solid Silver Pocket Watches, Chains and Fobs

Ideal for collectors or enthusiasts alike, antique solid silver pocket watches, chains and fobs can make a great gift and can be the ideal timekeeping equipment to last a lifetime. Offering character, history and intrigue, pocket watches can be a significant keepsake or a robust timepiece for practical use. Find pocket watches with intricate silver designs or simple solid silver styles.


There are many watchmakers that have produced pocket watches and, depending on your particular style, you can find the right watchmaker for you. Some brands of watchmakers that are now considered antique include Walker & Hall, Garrard and Mappin & Webb. Many collectors will be particularly fascinated by the watchmaker as a sign of quality and their unique approach to craftsmanship.

Pocket Watches From Different Eras

You can find antique pocket watches dating back to all manner of eras. Being made of solid silver, it can be easy to tell the age of the timepiece, ensuring that you can find the right pocket watch for your collection from a specific era that you're interested in. From pre-1800 pocket watches right through to those made last century, you can find the perfect pocket watch for you, as a gift or to add to a collection.

When purchasing your timepiece, it is essential that you know exactly what you will receive. Features such as chains, cases or simply a fob are important to check as well as whether the whole watch is solid silver, including a silver chain. A fully silver pocket watch adds a touch of high end charm to any outfit, whilst a metal chain is better for using when working. Ensure that you choose a chain that goes with your silver pocket watch. For highly detailed pieces, a slimmer chain will work well, whilst a thicker chain may look better with a simple silver pocket watch.