Antique stair and carpet rods

Create a truly attention-drawing style in your home with antique stair and carpet rods, the perfect way to subtly accentuate your staircase. These architectural antiques keep the carpet on your stairs pressed down perfectly and screw into the corner of every step. 

You'll find sets of stair rods to install on every step of your home, alongside single rods to replace damaged or missing rods. From shiny rods to matt brass models, there are antiques to suit every home right here on eBay. 

Brass antique stair and carpet rods

Brass stair rods add an instant touch of vintage charm to your home, especially those in a Georgian design. Simply crew the solid brass clamps into your stairs and insert the brass rod. The thin design with a small rounded end is subtle, perfect for some understated style. 

Or, add a touch of nature to your home with a set of brass stair rods finished with a pinecone finial. The brushed finish adds a high-end feel, whilst the twisted pole creates a flowing effect. 

A brass stair rod with a rounded crystal finial matches the luxurious interior stylings of your home. The crystal end catches the light, adding a touch of shine to your staircase. 

Chrome antique stair and carpet rods

Designed to draw the eye whilst adding a more modern touch, chrome antique stair and carpet rods are essential for any contemporary home. They pair well with any style of decor and accentuate any colour scheme. 

For a modern take on a retro design, choose a set of chrome antique carpet rods with a classic urn finial. The bold urn design is truly iconic whilst the simple rod fits tightly against your carpet. 

Or, match your modern furniture with stair rods with a truly stylish Norfold thistle finial. The striking finial complements the ridged pole, creating something that transforms your stairs with ease.