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Antique Wall Clocks

If you fancy adding an elegant and classic touch to your home, browse through antique wall clocks here on eBay.

Fusee clocks are very simple and functional clocks but aside from these, most antique clocks were made to showcase the clockmaker's craftsmanship. Because of this, they generally feature decorative details such as engravings and motifs.


The most common material for antique wall clocks is a dark wood such as walnut or mahogany. More recent designs may be made from metals such as chrome and brass. You'll want to make sure that the wood or base material is still in good condition when you buy, or go for a distressed piece to add some shabby chic to your home.

Chimes and Cuckoo Clocks

If you're looking for something that will make a great centre-piece to any room, choose elegant chime and cuckoo clocks. These decadent clocks make a chiming noise at the hour.

Pendulum Clocks

Pendulum clocks are beautiful and have a stunning authentic look. They use a swinging weight, or a pendulum, to keep a precise time. It uses the weight and length to swing back and forth at the right rate to keep the time correct.

Pendulum clocks are loved by antique collectors because of their beautiful appearance and traditional design. Cuckoo clocks and chime clocks usually use pendulum movement for timekeeping.

Fusee Clocks

Otherwise known as station or school clocks, these are simple antique clocks that were used in traditional spaces such as train stations or school houses. A very traditional British design, they are know loved as nostalgic centre-pieces for the home.

They are round wooden clocks with a glazed dial and easy to read digits. More recent models feature silver metal surrounding the dial. These clocks use spring-driven movement for timekeeping. Both pendulum clocks and spring-driven clocks need to be wound, usually around every eight days to keep them moving.

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