Make a Statement with an Antique Globe

To enhance your living room or classroom with a practical accessory, use an antique globe. Children and adults will enjoy spinning units from eBay to learn more about the world around them.

Are all antique globes the same colour?

No. You can find a vintage globe on eBay to match the colour scheme of your classroom or living room. Some are available in shades like brown and tan, to match your neutral decor. Others are in blue and green and will match your modern decor. Those with antique shading are suitable for classic decor and will look good in an industrial setting.

Are illustrations of ships used on antique globes?

Yes. An antique world globe may have images of seafaring vessels from ancient days, which are rendered in exquisite detail. Several examples of ancient ships may be used, and these are strategically placed among sections with raised topographical relief, which showcases mountain ranges. Some of the maps are sourced from national museums, such as the Museum of Science in Florence. While spinning globes are usually used for illustrative purposes, a few antique globes are designed with storage in mind and can be opened to reveal storage space for different purposes.

Sturdy bases prevent toppling

Ancient globes are made to be spun by adults and children, and they often feature metal bases made of waterproof stainless steel which keep them steady. Metal adds to their vintage look, especially when it is polished brass, and there are options, such as acrylic stands, which have a more contemporary look. These globes are still rendered in the ancient style, but use solar cell technology to gently rotate the globe without using batteries. They do not have any batteries or unsafe cords, and many can convert any type of light to energy for spinning.

Highlight your next travel destination with magnetic pins

Some globes from eBay come with magnetic pins, and these allow you to quickly highlight counties of interest for your class, home study, or travel planning, without damaging the globe. This feature is available with many globes from eBay, regardless of the colour that you choose. Up to four colours may be used with the pins, so you can organise your thoughts, and the colours contrast well with lacquer options, like blue, tan, and black:

  • Some may be made by hand.
  • They may be available in unusual colour combinations, such as white and pastels, or red and black.
  • These heavy units may have a flat base or sturdy legs, which give them a high level of stability.