APC Smart-UPS Devices to Keep the Power on No Matter What

If you want to make sure that you never lose power and you don't want to go through the hassle of reconnecting your devices whenever there's an outage, the APC Smart-UPS battery backup units in this collection might be perfect for your situation. When you shop on eBay, it's easy to find all of the electrical equipment that you need to keep your servers running, and here's what you need to know about these Smart-UPS units before you make a selection.

How long do these UPS devices last?

The rated power of one of these Smart-UPS units is listed in terms of VA, which is a measurement of how many amps these devices can produce before they run out of power. The higher the VA rating of a Smart-UPS unit, the longer it will last, but keep in mind that the load you apply to your UPS unit also makes a difference. The more of a load you put on your device, the shorter of a period it will be able to provide backup power.

How do you mount these devices?

Depending on the device in question, your Smart-UPS device may mount in one of two ways:

  • Floor mount - These units are similar to traditional UPS devices in that they mount on the floor or on a similar flat surface. In most cases, floor mount UPS devices are larger than devices that can be mounted with other methods.
  • Rack mount - Some of these Smart-UPS units can be mounted directly into a server rack, which makes these devices ideal for data management applications. Not only do these Smart-UPS units start providing power immediately when your local grid fails, but they also blend right into the NAS units that make up your server array.
What are the benefits of Smart-UPS units?

The units in the Smart-UPS collection are designed to provide uninterrupted electrical power in the event of a grid failure. Unlike most battery backup units, Smart-UPS units connect directly to the electrical grid in your building. They won't come online unless power is interrupted, but when you lose power, they seamlessly pick up the slack to keep all of your equipment running. With traditional UPS units, you have to manually switch devices to your backup unit when the power goes out, which takes up time and inevitably leads to some degree of device downtime, but these Smart-UPS units provide a solution to this operational issue.

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