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Apple Batteries for the MacBook Air

The MacBook Air is known for its long battery life, and Apple are known for filling every inch of their MacBooks with battery to make sure that they last longer. However, after a certain amount of charges, battery life begins to shorten. 

The battery

Every Macbook battery is lithium-ion, a rechargeable battery that remains lightweight so it is used in most mobile devices such as phones, tablets and netbooks. Due to the efficiency of their charge, they manage to retain up to 80 percent of its original battery capacity at 1000 complete charge cycles, giving you more time to use your MacBook off charge. 

The battery for the MacBook Air is specifically designed to last for 12 hours between charges (between a full charge from 0 to 100%), although many critics claim that it lasts much longer and they are able to take it out of their house for a full day without the charger. 

To fill more space, the MacBook Air's battery is designed to be curved as the regular rectangular batteries don't fill all the available space, meaning you get extra battery compared to other ultrabooks. 

These curved batteries are specially designed by Apple to fit the interior chassis of the MacBook Air, meaning that you have to get a specific type for your model. Check the 'About this Mac' section on your MacBook Air to find out what battery type it is and how many charge cycles are left before your battery needs replacing. 

The MacBook

The MacBook Air supports a number of laptop battery types, around 7+ to be specific. However, why the MacBook Air? The 2017 release of the MacBook Air combines powerful performance with a lightweight feel. With an Intel core i5/i7 processor and Intel HD graphics 6000, you can do heavy duty video editing with your MacBook Air and not feel a single stutter. 

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