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Get Powered and Wired with an Apple Charger

Don't risk damaging your Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod by using just any ordinary or unbranded charger. With a genuine Apple charger for your Apple product, you can rest assured knowing your Apple device will always power up. Whether you need a MacBook or an Apple Watch charger, you'll find an Apple charger for your device on eBay.

What type of charger do you need for an Apple iPhone?

The type of Apple charger you'll need depends on which generation of iPhone you own. Some iPhone models can even support wireless charging. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 6 charger features an 8-pin Lightning connector. Devices prior to 2012, including the iPhone 4 and 4S require a 30-pin charger cable. To ensure you buy the right Apple charger, it's important to know what type of connector your device has.

Can you use charging docks with Apple devices?

Yes. There are several types of Apple chargers, including USB cable plugs and docks. Some charging docks offer functionalities other than just charging, such as external audio speakers or stands. There are even charging docks that support wireless charging and fast charging. If you own an iPhone 8 or newer, a fast charger unit can get your battery powered up to 50% in as little as 30 minutes. See the manufacturer's site for details.

What Apple charger do you need for an Apple Watch?

Apple Watches require Apple Magnetic Chargers. Newer models have USB-C connectors, while older versions feature USB-A. Here are some of the other Apple chargers available:

  • Apple iPad: Most support 8-pin Lightning chargers, including the iPad Pro and the iPad Mini 2,3, and 4. iPad models prior to the 4th-generation require a 30-pin Apple charger. Most use 10W cables, but some models need a 12W charger.
  • Apple iPod: Devices prior to 2012 use a 30-pin connector. Newer iPods use the same 8-pin Lightning charger as the iPhone and iPad. iPods require only a 5W cable, but you can also use 10W or 12W iPad cables since iPods have built-in technology that limits the amount of energy they draw from chargers.
  • Apple MacBook: Many MacBooks require either a MagSafe or MagSafe 2 Apple charger. Some models use USB-C chargers. Each model has different wattage requirements, so it's important to know whether your Mac supports a 30W, 61W, or 87W power adaptor.
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