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Playing Your Media on a Bigger Display: The iPad HDMI Cable

These days, many people use their mobile devices for much of their media consumption, but some find it easier to watch their content on larger displays like their computer monitors or HDTVs. For this reason, Apple owners can purchase an HDMI cable that plugs neatly into the 30-pin or Lightning connector at the base of their iPads. These convenient devices can transmit your video data from your tablet to a larger screen easily so that you can share your content with friends, and eBay makes it simple to find these items.

What types of content can these HDMI devices broadcast?

While a connector like this might make you consider how easy it is to display things like home movies, vacation pictures, and presentations from your phone, there are several additional uses to consider:

  • Streaming video: Not only can you stream content housed on your iPad, but you can also use this connector to provide a larger display for the playback of video content from the major and minor streaming services. When you watch a video this way, playback is typically seamless, and you can control the content on the iPad screen.
  • Streaming audio: HDMI is a format that also allows for the transmittal of audio data as well, so if you have a digital audio subscription service, you can opt to listen to your favourite artists on your HDTV as well. The major streaming services also usually have a video interface that makes this quite easy to facilitate.
  • Gaming: The iPad has a sizable screen, but sometimes you want to play your games on a larger display. With screen mirroring, you can use your iPad as a controller and watch the action unfold on your main display.
Why is there a secondary charging connector besides the HDMI?

This Apple iPad HDMI cable, which comes in both Lightning and 30-pin varieties, is a pass-through connector. When you're viewing content, the HDMI connector uses the iPad's charging port. With one of these products, there is an extra Lightning or 30-pin port that will allow you to plug in your charging cable so that you're not draining your device while you watch.

Do you need a special HDMI cable for the connection?

While the connector itself is Apple-specific, you can use most brands of HDMI cabling to complete the connection. That is useful for most consumers because you can opt to use longer or shorter HDMI cables dependent on your video needs.

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