What You Need to Know About the Apple SuperDrive Optical Media Player

The Apple SuperDrive is a portable optical disc drive that you can take anywhere. Compact and lightweight, a SuperDrive can function as the main optical drive for multiple computers, and it accepts both DVDs and CDs. You'll find a variety of affordably priced Apple SuperDrives on eBay.

How large is the SuperDrive?

The SuperDrive is only slightly larger than a compact disc itself. It is designed to fit into any bag for travel or on the surface of a desk. It has a depth of 0.67 inches and a height and width of 5.47 inches. See the manufacturer’s site for details.

What are the advantages of a SuperDrive?

A new or pre-owned SuperDrive allows you to conveniently add an optical drive to Apple computers that would otherwise lack one. This versatile device accepts dual-layer DVDs, which have a maximum storage space of approximately 8.5GB, as well as rewritable CDs and DVDs, which you can write to as many times as you want. Here are a few of the things that you can do with the SuperDrive:

  • Play media: You can watch DVD video and play CD audio tracks on the SuperDrive. You can also play your own personal media creations.
  • Install software: If the critical software you need comes on a disc, then the SuperDrive allows you to install it easily, even if your computer lacks an optical drive.
  • Burn data: The SuperDrive has a maximum 8x DVD-write speed and 24x CD-write speed, so you can create backups of important data or burn multimedia, files, and programs to any disc.
What are the system requirements of the SuperDrive?

The SuperDrive has minimal system requirements apart from the need to have a USB Type A port on your computer. It does not require a separate power adaptor as it draws power directly from the computer itself, even if the computer is operating on battery power. However, you need to own a specific type of Apple computer to make it work. The list of compatible computers includes:

  • The MacBook Air
  • The MacBook Pro with a Retina Display
  • The late-2012 iMac from the 4th generation onward
  • The Mac Pro, starting in late 2013 with the 2nd generation
  • The Mac Mini, starting in late 2009

Some MacBook Pro models require a USB-C to USB adaptor as well. All of these models lack an optical disc drive and make use of the SuperDrive as an optional DVD and CD player.

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