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Unlocked Apple iPhones Give You Wings

An unlocked Apple iPhone is basically an iPhone that is not locked to any carrier and can be used with the SIM card of any service provider. Find both factory unlocked and network unlocked Apple iPhones on eBay.

Are all Apple iPhone models available unlocked?

Every iPhone that has been released until the present date is available for purchase unlocked. There are no storage size restrictions, colour limitations, feature or functionality cutbacks. Models right from the original iPhone (if you manage to get hold of one) to 2019’s iPhone 11 series of phones can be purchased unlocked. In fact, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max became available for purchase unlocked right on the very first day of their release. Traditionally, Apple offers unlocked iPhones only a month after their release.

Checking if an unlocked iPhone is truly unlocked

There are two primary ways to ascertain whether your unlocked iPhone is truly unlocked or it’s just some software-level chicanery. You may check the iPhone’s unlocked status in its ‘settings’ section. If the option ‘cellular data network’ is available, it means your phone is unlocked. Another method entails cross-checking the phone’s IMEI. Every mobile phone has its own International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI) number. There are several online services that scan IMEI number databases and let you know whether your device is unlocked or otherwise.

Advantages of an unlocked iPhone

An unlocked iPhone costs more than a carrier-locked phone because it offers certain benefits, which include:

  • An unlocked iPhone can connect to any mobile phone network in any country, provided the phone’s frequency bands work with a particular country’s mobile frequency standards.
  • You are not locked to a monthly data plan of a specific service provider. If you find better rates with another carrier, switching over to that network would be as simple as swapping SIM cards.
  • When travelling overseas, an unlocked iPhone would let you sign up for a short-term plan from a phone company in that country instead of using the potentially expensive international phone plans of your primary service provider.
Will your unlocked Apple iPhone become locked again?

An unlocked Apple iPhone should stay unlocked for the duration of its life. Contrary to general perception, inserting a SIM card into an unlocked iPhone will not lock the phone to that particular SIM card. You are free to use the phone anywhere in the UK, on any mobile network, and switch networks whenever you want to. Generally, concerns relating to the phone becoming locked again arise when a phone has been set free using third-party software. In such a case, there is an increased possibility that the phone will cease to remain unlocked after the iPhone’s next major software update.