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44mm Apple Watch Series 4 for connected workouts

Take your active lifestyle to the next level with a 44mm Apple Watch Series 4. The slim and sleek design sits delicately yet securely on your wrist, whilst the robust materials ensure that it's designed for daily use. Various features work together to make your workouts, and daily life, better. 

The Apple Watch Series 4 is available in a range of stylish designs. With aluminium or stainless steel cases and different straps, all in different colours, you'll find the perfect addition to your active outfits. Or, go for the smaller 40mm Apple Watch Series for something a bit smaller. 

A redesigned style

Building on the previous Apple smart watches, the Series 4 offers added functionality and a sleeker design. With a 30 percent larger display than the previous watches, there's more screen to play with. This is thanks to more narrow borders that make way for more display area. 

The curved corners of the watch face perfectly fit in the metal case, clearing more space for the screen. This creates a flowing feel, with the touchscreen reaching to the very edges of the screen. 

This larger screen makes it easier to stack up eight features on the watch face. Display your heart rate, the temperature and oxygen quality all on the screen at the same time. The Digital Crown uses haptic feedback to create a lifelike clicking feeling, just like a crown on an analogue timepiece. 

Water resistant in depths of up to 50m, you can get your swim on with no worries. Simply twist the Digital Crown to expel water from the speakers with a sonic blast. 

Advanced display technology actively improves the energy efficiency, giving you up to 18 hours of battery life with a full charge. 

Monitoring your health

This Apple Watch features a host of applications and functions to help you monitor your health. An optical heartbeat sensor constantly monitors your heart rate which gives you a good idea of when you're most active in the day. You can also set a threshold for both low and high heart rate alerts when you're inactive. This can help to flag up any health issues. 

Or, take a break with the Breathe app. This helps you to relieve stress by taking you through breathing exercises, the perfect way to unwind during breaks in hectic days. 

Other apps also help with your overall by promoting an active lifestyle. Use Lifesum to track your diet and workouts, or use Streak to give yourself 12 active goals a day. 

Connected workouts

The Apple Watch Series 4 helps you get the best workout possible, whether you're a cyclist, runner or yoga enthusiast. When running, tap the screen to check various stats. The cadence tracker shows your steps per minute whilst a pace checker shows if you're behind, ahead or on time. 

Another useful feature for runners, you can also check your previous kilometre's split. This shows how quickly you ran the previous kilometre so you can up your game with ease. 

For a more connected gym experience, you can pair your Apple Watch with compatible gym equipment. Easily track your performance across the treadmill, stair climber and exercise bike. 

A handy auto workout detection system can tell if you've started exercising without the Workout app open. A notification is sent to your watch and the beginning of your workout is still tracked so you don't miss out on anything. 

Activity tracking

This smartwatch uses an Activity Tracker to keep tabs on your lifestyle. Three rings show the amount of three types of activity throughout the day. A red Move ring tracks calories burnt through general activity, the green Exercise ring tracks minutes spent exercising and the blue Stand ring tracks time spent sitting.