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Trading Up With iPad Pro 2nd-Generation Tablets

The second generation of the Apple iPad Pro tablet was released in June 2017 alongside the iOS 11. It came with a 10.5” model to replace the 9.7” of the first-generation iPad Pro. The iPad Pro has an A 10X Hexa-core processor. Find an Apple iPad Pro tablet for sale on eBay by browsing the available selections.

ProMotion adaptive refresh technology in Apple iPad Pro tablet

The second-generation iPad Pro was the first device to carry Apple’s adaptive refresh technology. With this technology, Apple improved the refresh rate of the screen to between 60Hz and 120Hz. A higher refresh rate means that some interactions are faster. For example, the latency of Apple pencil reduced to 20 milliseconds with the 2nd generation Apple iPad Pro tablet from 49 milliseconds in the previous model. The technology improves battery management as well because a better refresh rate decreases power consumption. It automatically detects which tasks require a higher refresh rate and then lowers it to conserve battery life.

Which accessories do you need for Apple iPad Pro tablet?

When looking up an iPad Pro tablet on eBay, consider the accessories that you require to capitalise on all the features of the device. The tablet needs three main accessories that you have to get separately. These are:

  • Apple pencil: The first-generation Apple pencil is still compatible with the 2nd generation iPad Pro. It uses the Lightning port to recharge.
  • Smart keyboard: It links to the device through the Smart Connector, which transfers power and data. You can use this keyboard to set up the tablet in landscape mode.
  • Smart cover: It’s a cover made specifically for the tablet and attaches magnetically to the device. When removed from the screen, the tablet turns on.
Colour options for the Apple iPad Pro tablet

The colour selections for Apple iPad Pro 2nd generation tablets are similar to the previous versions. You can pick from space grey, silver and gold for both the 10.5 and 12.9-inch ones. Rose gold is available for the 10.5-inch but not for the 12.9-inch version.

Can a 1st-generation 12.9” smart cover fit the 2nd-generation tablet?

Yes. The dimensions of the 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro tablet remain virtually the same across the two generations. Therefore, your smart cover for the previous generation iPad Pro can fit the second-generation model. However, the camera on the iPad Pro 2 has a pronounced bump. If the case was a tight fit, then it will be even tighter on the 2nd-generation iPad Pro.