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Apple iPhone 7 Phones

Apple iPhone 7 Smartphones

Released in September of 2016, the Apple iPhone 7 was the next step in the continued evolution of the smartphone. Packed with various handy apps and functions that work to make your day-to-day life easier, the iPhone 7 is one of the most technologically advanced handsets currently available.

On the Outside

Choose from rose gold, gold, silver, black or jet black models, perfect for pairing with your own personal style. The durable metal casing ensures that knock, dents and scratches are minimised.The Retina HD display outputs a resolution of 1334x750 pixels to the 4.7 inch LCD screen, giving you deep and detailed visuals. The 12MP camera lets you take breathtaking shots and can capture 4K video recording at either 30 or 60 fps. The optical image stabilisation function works to make shots less blurry and videos more stable.

On the Inside

Choose from either 32GB or 128GB models with the 128GB of memory being more suited to those who wish to store various songs, videos, pictures and apps all at once. Touch ID functionality lets you get into your phone and log into certain apps with the press of a finger.Apple Pay lets you turn your iPhone 7 into a contactless payment device, making paying on the go much easier. WiFi and Bluetooth come as a standard, letting you connect to the internet and other compatible devices.Use voice commands to send messages, make calls, search the internet and much more through Siri. The voice command “Hey Siri” opens up this function, letting you open apps and send messages without using your hands.

Latest Releases

Releasing on September 3rd 2017, the iPhone X is a completely revamped model. The 5.8 inch Super Retina display reaches to the very edges of the phone with the home button being removed. The facial recognition software Face ID ensures that only you can unlock your phone and use Apple Pay.Sticking to the established path, the new iPhone 8 features a similar performance to the X model with an A11 Bionic processor with 2GB of RAM - 1GB less than the X.