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The Apple iPhone X Paved the Way for its Successors

The Apple iPhone X redefined the iPhone design at the time of its release and also popularised notches in smartphones. iPhones’ now customary high screen-to-body ratios, Face IDs, OLED screens, etc., first appeared on the iPhone X. Find unlocked iPhone X in Space Grey and Silver on eBay.

Hardware makeup of the iPhone X

The iPhone X boasts top-of-the-line hardware. The phone:

  • Is powered by the A11 Bionic processor, which makes the phone snappy both in terms of graphics processing and CPU performance.
  • Comes in two storage sizes: 64GB and 256GB, alongside 3GB of RAM.
  • Has a 5.8-inch OLED screen, with a pixel density of 458 PPI. Colour accuracy and viewing angles are on-point.
  • Has dual rear cameras, both 12MP sensors, and a selfie 7MP sensor. The rear cameras have optical image stabilisation (OIS) built in.
The iPhone X and its Face ID

With the iPhone X, Apple bid adieu to its trademark ‘home’ button, which apparently also housed the fingerprint lock system. Face ID was introduced as a replacement, which is hands-free and also a more advanced phone unlocking system. The mechanism works by employing the X’s “True Depth” camera tech that casts 30,000 infrared specks onto your face, producing your face’s 3D model that it internally stores alongside a 2D infrared image. The same sensor is then used for scanning your face, matching it against the model stored, and unlocking your phone.

Will you miss the iconic iPhone home button on the X?

Apple had to do away with the home button because it looked dated and was used in far too many iPhones for too long. Therefore, when you pick the iPhone X for the first time, your thumb will instantly look for the missing home button, especially if you are coming from earlier iPhones. However, you should easily get used to the new front and the swipe gestures. Also, you’ll appreciate the extra screen real estate at your disposal, which would have been otherwise occupied by the physical button.

Why buy the iPhone X in 2019?

The iPhone X was released in September 2017. When it was first launched, it was selling for a retail price of approximately £1,000. In 2017, £1,000 was quite expensive for a phone (and it still would be in 2019). However, during the two years that have passed since its release, quite a few things have changed. You may now grab an iPhone X on eBay for close to half of its original price. Most importantly, the iPhone X will get the 2019 iOS 13 updates, and it should continue to get major software updates straight from Apple for the next two years at least.