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Save Money When You Purchase an Unlocked iPhone XR

The unlocked iPhone XR lets you switch carriers easily by changing the SIM card from one wireless higher-priced carrier to a lower-priced carrier. Or, for variation, you can choose to have two different SIM cards from two different wireless carriers working at the same time in a used iPhone XR unlocked phone. eBay offers a variety of affordable iPhone XR unlocked phones to help you save money.

Finding the right unlocked iPhone XR phone

You can buy a used unlocked iPhone XR phone for less than a new comparable model with the same features and benefits. For instance, a used iPhone XR unlocked smartphone has the same LED screen just like a new model, as well as the same number of cameras.

You can also find several varieties of the iPhone XR phone available on eBay as customers upgrade to later models and sell their older phones. Some of these used iPhone XR unlocked phones are less than a year old because of unlocked iPhone XR upgrades. Additionally, a used iPhone XR unlocked phone lets you upgrade to a higher memory on eBay. So, instead of purchasing a new 64 GB unlocked iPhone XR mobile phone, you can opt for a used 128 GB one instead.

The definition of a refurbished iPhone XR

Apple often takes trade-in iPhones and then renews them to factory-fresh settings. A refurbished iPhone XR is higher-priced than a used iPhone XR since the refurbished iPhone XR now has new parts and is professionally serviced to work and look exactly as a brand new iPhone XR smartphone. Thus, if you're looking to save money, consider purchasing a refurbished iPhone XR, as you'll get an unlocked iPhone XR phone without loss of quality or function.

What are the benefits of an unlocked iPhone XR?

The unlocked iPhone XR for sale is easily customizable. You can purchase many varieties of iPhone covers, cases, and skins all specifically designed for the unlocked iPhone XR. Another benefit is that the unlocked iPhone XR has 50% faster graphics with 50% less power usage. The camera also has better low-light performance. So, an iPhone XR purchased on eBay also offers several additional benefits. These are:

  • Face ID
  • A 6.1-inch (15.49 cm) LCD display. See the manufacturer site for details.
  • A new A12 bionic processor, which is the same as the iPhone X and X Max