Aprilia Motorcycles and Scooters Buying Guide

Aprilia is an Italian producer of motorcycles and scooters that has been designing motorbikes since shortly after World War II. Known for their innovation and attention to racing engineering design, Aprilia has motorcycles and scooters that are fun for both recreational and competitive outings. You can find many affordable, used Aprilia motorcycles and scooters for sale on eBay.

Available Aprilia motorcycle models

Aprilia produces racing, moto, sports, standard, and off-road bikes that are well-rated in their genres. Many of their racing bikes are entered in factory competitions around the world. You can find the Aprilia RS 125 for sale and also many other models, such as these motorbikes:

  • Tuono V4 1100 Factory and Tuono RR (racing)
  • RSV4 1100 Factory and RSV4 RR (racing)
  • Shiver 900 (standard)
  • Dorsoduro 900 (standard)
  • RS 125 GP Replica MY19 and RS 125 (sport)
  • RX 50 Factory and RS 50 (off-road)
  • RX 125 (dual-sport)
  • Tuono 125 (racing)
  • SX 125 (motard)
  • SX 50 and SX 50 Factory (motard)
Aprilia Factory Works racing bikes

Aprilia has specialised racing bikes in their Factory Works series. These motorcycles are based on the RSV4 motorbike and are sold directly by Aprilia to race drivers. These are some of the available configurations:

  • SSTK2 AP XRACE (204 hp)
  • SBK (215 HP)
  • RV4 FW-GP (250 hp)
How are Aprilia Factory Works upgrades applied?

Aprilia's Factory Works are enhanced and specialised racing versions of their racing motorbikes. Their enhancements elevate the standard editions into super racing motorcycles that comply with Superstock and Superbike championship regulations in multiple countries. These bikes are lighter, faster, and more powerful and are meant to be used solely for racing. The bikes have specialised modifications for the chassis, electronics systems, and engine. The Factory Works package is available directly in a Factory Works motorcycle or as a Factory Works kit that you can add to compatible motorcycles.

Available models of Aprilia motorbikes and scooters

There are many available models of scooters in the Aprilia lineup that range from the Aprilia SR 50 to the powerful SRV 850 scooter, which is rated as one of the most powerful scooters on the market. Many of these sporty scooters feature a moto-inspired design.

Can you purchase vintage Aprilia motorcycles on eBay?

Aprilia began producing scooters in the 1960s and later began manufacturing motorcycles. You can find many of Aprilia's classic motorbikes and scooters for sale on eBay, like the Scarabeo, RC 125, Partner, TL320, 125 STX, 350 STX, Pegaso 600, RSV Mille, and Falco.