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Aquarium Background Decorations

Designing an aquarium to suit your choice of fish, complement your home design and make a personal statement is something that most aquarium owners look forward to. The wide range of designs and colours mean that the choice is almost limitless and there is something to suit all tastes.

Plastic Background Aquarium Decorations

Whether you prefer a natural river bed scene, the barrier reef, an enchanting underwater forest or something more fantastical like the lost city of Atlantis, plastic fish tank posters attach to the outside of your tank at the rear and provide a wealth of choice. Double sided posters, such as those offered by Juwel, mean you can even change your mind and your scenery from time to time to keep it interesting. Being plastic, these posters are splash proof and will not be ruined if you spill a little during water changes.

Polyresin Background Aquarium Decorations

Polyresin backgrounds are 3D and designed to fit inside your tank against the rear wall. Installation is easy, even if the tank is already full. The background simply slides into place at the aquarium's rear and is embedded into the gravel or substrate to provide some support. Draining a little water first to avoid overflow is recommended.

Polyresin backgrounds tend to be natural scenes, such as rock beds or tangled tree roots, but if you prefer something a bit different you can also purchase ancient pharaoh columns to add depth and interest.

Whether you prefer a 2D poster, a 3D Polyresin model or even a foam rock backdrop, it is important to consider the needs of your fish. Aquarium backgrounds prevent the fish from seeing their reflections in the glass which reduces stress. If you choose a 3D model, you will need to consider how much space it will take up and whether it will reduce your capacity significantly. It is also important to fit 3D backgrounds correctly to prevent curious fish from getting trapped behind it.

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