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Aquarium Gravel Vacuum

An aquarium can be a wonderful addition to any home or office. What is important is to ensure that it is properly maintained and cleaned to keep fish and plants healthy and show the aquarium’s beauty off effectively.

There are many tools designed to help aquarium owners keep their tank in tip top condition and for many the aquarium gravel vacuum, with its multi-function benefits offers the best results and saves the maximum amount of time.

What is an Aquarium Gravel Vacuum?

An aquarium gravel vacuum is indeed a vacuum, typically powered by a battery and used regularly for the cleaning and maintenance tasks associated with having an aquarium in your home or office.

Aquarium Gravel Vacuum Functions

  • Cleaning gravel and sand at the bottom of the tank is the primary function of an aquarium vacuum
  • A gravel vacuum is also used as a water siphon for water changes (it is suggested that owners remove and replace 20% of the tank’s water every week) and for when you need to empty a tank completely
  • Aquarium owners often use their vacuum to clean dirt and debris from their tanks which couldn’t be reached with a net. Floating excess food maybe fished out from the surface with a net however fish waste, sludge and debris caught at the bottom of the tank benefits from the longer tubing / siphon and vacuum function
  • Aquarium gravel vacuums are also useful for cleaning the inside wall of the tank which may become cloudy over time due to build up and inhibit the view of the inside of the tank

Benefits of Using an Aquarium Vacuum 

Using a battery-operated aquarium gravel vacuum also enables water changes and cleaning to occur with minimal disruption to the fish in the tank.

Moving a full tank once it has been set up is never advised and therefore cleaning and emptying a tank without an aquarium vacuum could be messy and difficult.

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