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Aquarium Reflectors

When illuminating your aquarium it is important to choose the correct light source:

  • Fluorescent light tubes - impact on the growth of your aquarium plants and the health of your livestock
  • Aquarium reflectors - enhance the illumination so that you get more light for your money

How to choose the correct reflector lighting

The type of aquarium reflector lighting that is right for you will depend on a number of factors - the tank size, set up and budget will influence your choice of illumination. 

So too, will the fish and plant species that you want to inhabit your freshwater or marine environment. 

Once you decide what will go inside your tank you can find the best reflector lighting solution.

The benefits of aquarium reflectors

Whether you have a low light planted freshwater aquarium or an advanced reef marine set-up, if you want to use light optimally in an aquarium it is a good idea to choose a reflector. 

Aquarium reflectors double the illumination input because they are angled to direct the light where it is needed. Optimised reflector models T8 and T5 increase the efficiency of your aquarium’s light source.

Different types of aquarium reflectors

  • T8 – The T8 offers more efficiency with less wattage. The T8 is the most popular reflector bulb and is best suited for freshwater aquariums
  • T5 – If your freshwater aquarium features plant life, the T5 is a good option. Available in a variety of lengths, the high lumen per watt output reflector is ideal for shallow planted aquariums and reef saltwater set-ups
  • LED – High quality LED lights can be used anywhere from the basic starter aquarium to the more advanced planted freshwater or marine reef aquarium
  • Energy-saving – Energy-saving LED and fluorescent light bulbs can give out less light per watt, but offer spotlight control that can create nice plant groupings in your aquarium
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