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Aquarium Stand

An aquarium stand is an essential piece of equipment for any fish or reptile owner. They are built to take the weight of a full tank and can also provide handy storage for all your cleaning materials and supplies

Types of stand

There are two main styles of stand:

  • Stand - a simple aquarium stand is just that, a stand with legs on which you place your aquarium. These are more suitable for smaller tanks
  • Cabinet - more sturdy than stands, they often include storage for any aquarium materials you have. They often have holes and slots included so cables can be tucked neatly out of sight. Cabinets are recommended for larger aquariums

Types of material

Most stands are made from either metal or wood:

  • Metal stands - usually the cheaper option, these tend to be just stands and do not provide any space for storage. As they are a simple stand, they can be a little unsteady, particularly if they are knocked. Metal stands or often made from iron and steel, but if exposed to saltwater they can rust over time
  • Wooden stands - more expensive, but they often have space for storing equipment underneath. These stands are often designed to take more weight and will often say how much they can support. An aquarium filled with water can be extremely heavy, so always check the weight before you buy

Reasons for using a stand

Without a stand your aquarium will be sitting on the floor or maybe on a piece of furniture will won't take its weight. 

The right stand will not only make it easier for you to see your fish but to care for them too. 

With additional storage, all your aquarium supplies, gravel and cleaning equipment can be kept in a safe place and everything will be on hand when you need it.

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