Arcade Cabinet Machines

Great Gaming Action with an Arcade Cabinet at Home

Arcade game fun can now be had at home. With the Arcade cabinets available on eBay, it’s possible to purchase the materials to recreate your own arcade game entirely, or find pre-assembled arcade game machines to play with friends and family.

How big are arcade cabinets?

One of the most common designs are upright cabinets. These reach heights of around 2 metres and allow you to play the games in a standing position, as the controls are at waist height. The table cabinet is another design. Although it technically requires more floor space than an upright cabinet, it appears less bulky. Shaped like a table, the games are played sitting down with a screen tilted towards the player in the table. Bartop arcade cabinets are smaller versions of the upright cabinets, designed to be placed on a bar.

What is a deluxe arcade cabinet?

Some arcade games are best enjoyed from a seated position. Games such as rally driving, flight similutors or other racing games can be played in a deluxe arcade cabinet. This type of cabinet is shaped like a booth, with a racing/gaming seat in the centre. Some may even include driving pedals or a steering wheel to create a life-like gaming experience.

What essentials are required with a flat pack arcade cabinet pack?

Building the arcade cabinet itself is fairly straightforward, though manufacturer’s instructions should always be consulted for full assembly instructions. If you’re building the arcade machine entirely from scratch, next to the flat pack arcade cabinet itself, you will need:

  • Arcade controls: In various different designs and colours, these controls can be found with USB connections so they plug directly into your PC.
  • Television: Look for a TV with a 27-inch screen, or thereabouts. It’s important the TV has a power-return, as once it is in the cabinet, you won’t be able to change the channel with the remote or TV controls. The TV should be framed by the bezel, which will be built into the cabinet.
  • PC: Find a computer with a good CPU, as this will be needed for running arcade games.
  • Smart power strip: This strip means that the main device plugged into it acts as the power control for the other devices.
  • Coin slot: For that authentic look, fix a coin slot to the machine.