Explore Your Creative Side With Diamond Painting and Cross Stitch Kits

When you get a diamond painting or cross stitch kit, you can enjoy crafting something from scratch and turning it into a piece of beautiful art that can be displayed or given away as a gift. You can pick from a variety of classic paintings, photographs, and designs to replicate when you shop on eBay for affordable new art diamond painting cross stitch kits.

What items come in a diamond art kit?

Different art kits are equipped with specific items depending on which one you choose. It is recommended that you read the diamond painting kit's description to see what items and tools are included in the kit you choose to purchase. All kits will at least have the patterned canvas that you follow, and some may also contain these additional items:

  • Gems to complete the painting
  • Glue to hold on the rhinestones
  • Drill pens to affix the rhinestones
  • Plastic trays to sort rhinestones
  • Frames to hold your painting
The difference between 3D and 5D diamond paintings

There are 3D diamond art and 5D diamond art kits available, and understanding the difference will help you find the right reasonably priced diamond art for your design. Each side of a 3D diamond has three facets, while 5D diamonds have five facets along with at least two of their sides. This means that 5D diamonds have 12–15 faucets per gem, resulting in more texture and reflected light on a piece.

Can you cross stitch on a diamond painting pattern?

Diamond art paintings are often referred to as cross stitch kits because these kits can be multipurpose. The canvas used for diamond art does not have the holes used as a guide for cross-stitching. However, the grid-like pattern on the fabric does make it work as a cross-stitch guide. If you prefer embroidery to gem mounting, you can use a diamond artwork pattern as the base of your cross stitch.

Learn more about partial and full drill kits

A partial drill diamond stitch painting is one where you do not mount gems on the full painting. Instead, part of the patterned canvas is left bare to show the coloured fabric beneath it. These kits tend to have a smoother fabric with a tighter weave since some of the fabric is visible. Full drill kits are diamond art painting kits where the gems will cover the entire design. They may use symbols or grids to explain the pattern and colour to you instead.