Look Stylish and Elegant with an Ascot Hat

Established in 1711 by Queen Anne, Royal Ascot has always attracted the attention of the press because of the styles of hats chosen by women for the 5-day event. However, you don't have to be attending the races to wear an Ascot hat or fascinator. They can be worn at any formal occasion such as weddings, garden parties, and cocktail parties to give your appearance a touch of glamour and elegance. From classics like pillbox hats to edgier designs, eBay has such a wide variety of Ascot hats and fascinators to suit you and your budget that you'll definitely find what you're looking for.

What factors should you consider before purchasing an Ascot hat?

Apart from whether you prefer a new or used hat, you can narrow down your choice by thinking about:

  • Your outfit: Ensure that your hat/fascinator matches or complements your outfit.
  • Hair colour: People with brown hair suit bold colours like cobalt blue while warm colours, such as pink, look good on blondes.
  • Shape of face: Taller hats/fascinators suit people with rounded faces while circular-shaped headwear is more suitable for longer and/or thinner faces.
  • Materials: Thicker materials, like felt, work well in winter while lightweight fabrics, like chiffon and satin, are more suitable for warmer months.
  • Extra detail: Hats/fascinators might be decorated with feathers, flowers, beads, sequins, and/or a veil.
Which Ascot hat/fascinator goes with your hairstyle?

Ascot hats/fascinators suit all hair types, colours, and lengths. If your hair is short or will be slicked back, you should choose a smaller hat/fascinator. With hair longer than shoulder-length, you could gather it into a high/side bun or chignon, or French plait the hair away from your face. Such styles go with a medium-sized hat or fascinator. Hair can be worn down (with waves for extra volume), but this would need to be balanced by larger-sized headwear.

How can you secure your Ascot hat/fascinator?

The correct hat size will ensure that it stays on your head no matter how windy it is. Fascinators are secured by an elastic band, Alice band, and/or hair comb. The elastic band should be worn behind the nape, so it is hidden from view. When attaching a fascinator with an Alice band and/or hair comb, hair grips can be added to make it more secure. Hairstylists recommend that you wash your hair the day beforehand since your hair's natural oils will help keep it in place. Backcombing and hairspray are invaluable if you have fine/thin hair.