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Create an Atmosphere for Light Shows with a Smoke Machine

Smoke, fog, and haze machines can be used to enhance lighting effects on a stage or in a venue. Lighting effects can be enhanced by beams that hit the smoke or haze. A smoke machine is an umbrella term for different kinds of equipment that produce atmospheric stage effects. Choose the right machine for your needs from the wide selection available on eBay.

Should you use an oil or a water-based smoke machine?

When choosing a smoke machine, consider where it will be used and what types of effects you wish to create. Oil-based machines produce smoke effects that linger in the air for a long time and have a slightly denser effect than water-based machines. Occasionally, they can create issues with smoke alarms because of the oil. Machines that use a water-based fog-juice fluid are better to use around fire alarms and smoke alarms. The fluid is less dense and doesn't last as long, but they do not leave behind an oily residue. Both bases produce a similar effect, so it depends on the situation in which you would like to create smoke or fog effects. Consider the size of your venue as well as the type of event or performance. Some smoke machines are portable, while others are better suited for stationary use.

What are the differences between haze, fog, and smoke machines?
  • Some smoke machines, sometimes referred to as haze or fog machines, create stage effects using vaporised liquid glycerine or glycol that's mixed with water or oil.
  • A haze machine produces a slow output that slowly builds up an effect which lingers in the air for longer.
  • Fog machines produce a burst effect that can often become concentrated, resulting in thick clouds of steam or fog. The clouds dissipate faster than haze.
  • Fog machines use a water-based fog-juice to create droplets. The fluid is heated until it becomes a cloud of tiny droplets, which creates the fog-like effect.
What is a dry ice smoke machine?

Some smoke machines use dry ice, which is a form of solid carbon dioxide, to create cool cloud effects that stay near the floor. To produce this effect, dry ice smoke machines create dry particles that are released into the air. Dry ice is generally used for larger scale requirements and professional situations, and it requires special handling, transportation, and storage.

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