Travel for Business Economically and in Style With an Audi S3

In production since 1999, the Audi S3 is a two- or four-door, subcompact executive vehicle that is economical to operate. You can find the largest selection of pre-owned S3 models for sale at the most reasonable prices when you shop on eBay.

Are the S3 models for sale in the UK new?

These are previously owned vehicles, but since they are newer vehicles in general, most are in premium condition. Some have as few as 25,000 miles on them. Listings will alert you to the overall condition of the car as well as tell you information about service history and number of previous owners. This information can give you a better idea of how well the vehicle has been maintained.

Types of affordable Audi S3 vehicles

There are currently three generations of the Audi S3. You can find them with diesel engines, petrol engines, or inline-four engines with either automatic or manual transmissions. There are two-door coupes, three-door hatchbacks, four-door sedans, and five-door hatchbacks. They are available in standard two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. A few of the various models to choose from include:

  • Audi S3 1.8
  • Audi S3 MK1
  • Audi S3 MK2
  • Audi S3 Sportback 8P
  • Audi S3 8l
Features of new and pre-owned Audi S3 vehicles

With all the different models available, you will find varying features. Safety features like seat belt pretensioners, immobilisers, airbags, an electronic stability programme, alarm system, and anti-lock brakes are standard on most newer vehicles. Some common comfort features on most Audi S3s include leather seats, heated and cooled seats, parking sensors, rearview camera, climate control, power-assisted steering, and AM/FM radio with a CD player. Some additional luxury features available on certain models include satellite navigation, Supersport seats, Bang & Olufsen speakers, an upgraded suspension system, stainless steel exhausts, and rear spoilers.

Choosing the right S3 for sale

Choosing the right Audi S3 is mostly a matter of personal preference. First, determine how you plan to use this vehicle. Will it be a daily commuter car for work or a weekend car for short holidays? Next, you should determine your budget for the vehicle. Finally, pick out the optional features that you want to have in your S3. Some important factors to consider when deciding which vehicle to choose include mileage, overall condition, age of the vehicle, service history, and important optional features.