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Aulos Woodwind Recorders

Aulos has been producing recorders for over 50 years. The brand believes in making an instrument that anyone will enjoy playing, whatever their experience and skill level. 

All Aulos woodwind recorders are made with ABS plastic, ensuring they are durable. 

Available in different sizes with differing vocal ranges, the recorder is part of a group of instruments known as internal duct flutes.  It is distinguishable by other instruments due to the thumb and finger holes.

There are two different types of fingering systems on a recorder:

  • Baroque fingering system - the most common out of the fingering systems. Suits more experienced players
  • German fingering system - simpler to use but less common

The type you choose will depend on your experience and playing style. 

Types of Aulos Woodwind Recorder

  • Tenor - Comes with holes for smaller fingers making it more suitable for children or for those with smaller hands.  Also comes with extra keys. Uses the Baroque fingering system.
  • Alto - This type of recorder is more suitable for adults due to its larger size.  Uses the Baroque fingering system.
  • Soprano - Comes in a variety of colours and different fingering systems depending on the model.  Also comes in two or three pieces so can easily be detached and reattached.
  • Bass - Comes in three pieces so can be pulled apart and reassembled easily meaning it’s easier to move around when needed.  Uses the Baroque fingering system.


There are a number of accessories you may choose to buy to get the most out of your Aulos woodwind recorder:

  • Cleaning rod - most recorders come with a cleaning rod to clean the inside of the instrument
  • Neck strap - useful to keep the recorder close when there is a lot of movement involved whilst playing
  • Fingering chart - helpful in choosing which holes to use to create a specific note
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