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Give Your Birds a Natural Environment With a Bird Aviary

Setting up a bird aviary is a great way to enjoy the companionship and pleasure that owning birds can give you without sacrificing their needs and comfort. These large enclosures provide environments for your feathered friends either inside your home or outside in your yard. eBay’s affordable collection of new and pre-owned bird aviaries allows you to choose the size and style that fits in well with your lifestyle, introduce your birds to their new home, and sit back and relax while you listen to their sweet music.

What is a bird aviary?

A bird aviary is a large enclosed unit that houses birds. Aviaries are larger than birdcages and will allow the birds to take small flights inside the enclosure. Many aviaries are large enough to place plants and shrubbery inside in order to simulate a natural environment.

What types of bird aviaries are there?

There are two types of basic aviaries: grounded and suspended. Grounded aviaries are attached to the ground and usually have a concrete base, which prevents other animals from entering the enclosure. Suspended aviaries are supported on the ground by posts only, which eliminates the need for a bottom barrier.

Can aviaries be installed both inside and outside?

You can have an aviary either inside or outside. An inside aviary will need to be placed where the birds can have a comfortable and quiet area, and you'll need to ensure there is enough room for a large enclosure. Outdoor aviaries provide your birds with a source of vitamin D from natural light and give them access to fresh air, but you'll need to take outside weather conditions into account.

Can you have different species of birds together in an aviary?

It is possible to have different species of birds in the same aviary, rather in the same manner as keeping different species of fish in an aquarium. Certain rules of thumb to keep in mind include:

  • Size: Try to keep similarly sized birds together. Having a large bird amongst many smaller ones can lead to stress in the smaller birds. Beak size should also be considered.
  • Temperament: Put birds of the same general temperament together with timid birds together and lively birds together. Aggressive species should only be housed in single pairs.
  • Hookbills: Birds with hookbills do not need to be housed with birds without hookbills.
  • Age: Put birds together when they are young, and they will have a better chance of bonding.
  • Housing: You will have more success at mixing different bird species if you have a large aviary.
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