Avolites equipment for a stunning show

Avolites produce advanced lighting systems and media servers so you can make every show a showstopper. Built by hand in London, these consoles, dimmers and servers are a must-have if you want to take your audiences breath away. Discover state-of-the-art sound and vision equipment here on eBay. 

Avolites lighting equipment

Choose an Avolites Arena lighting desk for captivating lighting at your event, perfect for use at theatres, festivals or somewhere that needs a larger control surface. The main LCD screen shows all important information whilst a second touch screen gives you more options to work with. 

Get quick access to your fixtures, palette and playbacks with 6 LCD screens that show the 30 faders. The new optical output can be used with fibre connections and ensures that no connection is lost no matter the distance. Set this lighting console up as the master or back-up with its Multi-User compatibility. 

Avolites dimming equipment

An Avolite ART 2000 is the perfect piece of dimming equipment to make the perfect visuals for your show, concert or conference. This unit combines the power of dimming, moving light power and data distribution in one package. 

Benefit from much quicker set up times thanks to not needing separate mains distributions or DMX splitters. This model can control up to 48 channels, 12 channels in each of the four plug-in modules. Giving an indication that a load is present, load check indicators are present for each dimmable channel. The LCD display shows all status feedback and offers full monitoring of the systems. 

Avolites video equipment

The Avolites Infinity RX Series powers live events with a stunning video output to make for a stunning show every time. With an Ai 3d Visualiser, a 7-inch touchscreen display to the front gives your full control over the system.